Dr. Don Findlay

Chiropractor of Calgary, AB

After many years of chiropractic service in Northwest Calgary, Dr. Don Findlay has retired as of January 2016.
With so many years of service and such a strong chiropractic following, it took 7 months for a full transition with Dr. Thibert.
Don Findlay

Dr. Don Findlay’s letter of retirement and succession.

“Dear Patient: 

For some time I have been contemplating a rest from work to repair some worn out joints and reboot my career, in order to do that I am retiring from the practice I love.  My greatest concern has been in finding a replacement; someone who is competent and compassionate, someone who I feel will be as concerned about you as I am.  Frankly, I’ve searched high and low.  

Persistence pays.  Recently, after many interviews, I met the person that I have been looking for.  After a little persuasion and an explanation of my needs, this young doctor has agreed to take over for me.  He has been very busy familiarizing himself with you case history as well as the histories of my other patients.  

The wonderful thing about youth is the vigor and enthusiasm.  I’m happy to report that the new doctor displays maturity and judgement not often associated with someone his age.  I’ve made a good choice.  He is going to be treating me as well.  You’ll love him.  

Dr. Paul Thibert is the new doctors name, Dr. Thibert’s techniques and general approach is remarkably similar to mine, but he also brings state-of-the-art technology and fresh, new ideas.  Chiropractic is developing much faster these days.  He has been practicing for a number of years and among other competencies has a diploma in acupuncture, is well versed in A.R.T. as well as many other techniques.  

Please accept my invitation to make an appointment to meet Dr. Thibert for transition of your ongoing care and treatment.  


Dr. Don”