Nicole Gendive RMT

Nicole graduated from the Alberta Massage Therapy College in 2013.

She has worked in a variety of settings:  Spas, Massage Therapy
Centres and Health Clinics alongside a variety of multidisciplinary
practitioners serving a diverse population.  From children to seniors,
competitive sport enthusiasts to weekend players, Nicole believes everyone can benefit from regular massage therapy treatments.

Nicole is trained and certified in Swedish Relaxation, Therapeutic,
Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Cupping Therapy, Facilitated
Stretching, Active engagements, Pre- and post natal (pregnancy),
Reflexology and Aromatherapy and embraces continually learning.

Massage Therapy can treat many diagnosed conditions, and can be an
important part of a self-care regime. Examples of conditions such as
Carpal Tunnel, Repetitive Strain Injuries, postural distortions,
Migraines/tension Headaches,  and stress-related conditions can all
be improved/prevented with proper maintenance.

In her spare time, Nicole enjoys being active, spending time with her dog and learning about arts and culture. She loves animals and being in nature.

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