Sciatica Pain and How To Treat the Symptoms

As one of the leading symptoms associated with back pain is sciatica.  As a chiropractor I see sciatica in my office every day. Chiropractors are great at managing sciatica and diagnosing the underlying cause that has created the Sciatica pain and symptoms.  With proper treatment, injections and surgery can be readily avoided.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition referring to pain in the low back, hip and leg.  This pain is characterized by a burning or shooting pain down the back of the leg, the leg can remain numb and tingle. Sciatica originates from compression or injury of the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica pain is often a symptom of nerve compression an is not actually the problem itself. Although there are many causes of sciatica, the most common cause of nerve compression is a herniated disc.


Sciatica Symptoms

Symptoms are generally seen in only one side of the body radiating from the lower back to the back of the thigh and down the back of the leg. Sciatica pain is often worse during sneezing, coughing or sudden motions.

These symptoms include:

  • Burning pain originating in the low back or buttock and running down the leg
  • Shooting pain in the hip, thigh, calf and/or foot
  • “pins and needle” sensations in the leg
  • Numbness of the leg (common in the foot)
  • Muscle weakness
  • Lower back pain
sciatica symptoms

Sciatica Treatment

Treatments with home exercise can go a long way toward diminishing sciatic pain. The goal of treatment is to relieve pain and neurological symptoms caused by the compressed nerve.

Sciatica Treatment at Home

  • Heat and Ice:  When sciatica first begins ice and heat can help alleviate the leg pain.  Start at increments of 20 minutes alternating from hot to cold.
  • Pain medication: Talk to your family physician about over the counter medications.  Ibuprofen or Naproxen can help reduce inflammation causing some of the pain.

Sciatica Treatment in the Office

The treatment of sciatica in the office will depend on what is causing the sciatica.  Chiropractic manipulation can help reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve by correcting pelvic and spinal joint mechanics. Acupuncture for sciatica can help reduce symptoms through nerve stimulation.

Specific sciatica stretches and exercises can help alleviate the symptoms and reduce the chances of recurrence.

A combination of Active and Passive Treatments are best when reducing sciatica symptoms.  The pain focus of treatment is controlling pain and keeping patients as active as possible through their recovery.

Occasionally surgery is required to remove a portion of the spinal disc that is pinching the sciatic nerve. Over 90% of people recover without the use of surgery.

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