Graston Therapy in Calgary

Relieving Chronic Pain with Graston Therapy in Calgary

Graston Therapy Technique is an innovative instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy that breaks down scar tissue adhesions and restrictions for lasting pain relief. This technique utilizes stainless steel instruments to precisely detect and effectively treat areas of fibrotic tissue build up. Graston Therapy goes beyond superficial massage to targeting the deeper tissue layers that can cause chronic pain and dysfunction.

Graston Therapy is offered in Calgary by NW Chiropractic and Massage to help patients recover from soft tissue injuries. Their providers combine Graston Therapy with other proven therapies to relieve pain and restore proper mobility. Keep reading to learn more about this powerful soft tissue technique.

Understanding Graston Therapy

Graston Therapy was developed in the 1990s by David Graston to fill a void in traditional treatment of muscle and connective tissue injuries. He discovered that massage alone was not adequately treating the strands of rigid, fibrous scar tissue that develop after an acute injury or from repetitive strain. This dense, disorganized collagen limits circulation and flexibility in the affected tissues.

Graston devised specially designed instruments that allow practitioners to detect these tissue irregularities and precisely treat the problematic areas. The stainless steel tools are designed with beveled edges that catch on the fibrous adhesions as they are moved over the skin in strokes. This creates microtrauma that helps break up these non-pliable bands.

As the scar tissue is broken down, fresh blood flow carrying nutrients and stem cells is able to reenter the regions to promote healing. Graston Therapy Technique also helps realign the disorganized collagen fibers to restore proper tissue integrity and function. It goes beyond superficial soft tissue work to targeting retinaculum, fascia, muscle and tendons.

Conditions Graston Therapy Can Treat

Graston Therapy is effective for both acute injuries and chronic conditions involving dysfunctional soft tissues such as the following:

  • Tendonitis – Achilles, patellar, rotator cuff
  • Carpal and tarsal tunnel syndromes
  • Lateral/medial epicondylitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Post-surgical scar tissue
  • Strains and sprains
  • Myofascial pain

It can be used preventatively on healthy tissues as well. The technique is suitable for individuals of all ages from athletic young adults to older patients. People suffering from chronic conditions often find lasting relief with Graston that other therapies failed to provide.

Benefits of Graston Therapy Technique

Following are just some of the benefits Graston Therapy Technique can achieve:

  • Breaks down fibrous adhesions and scar tissue
  • Restores mobility and range of motion
  • Increases blood flow to injured areas
  • Reduces muscle stiffness, soreness and pain
  • Accelerates healing and prevents dense scarring
  • Allows for improved athletic performance
  • Provides longer lasting results compared to massage

Graston Therapy Technique Process

The first visit begins with an assessment of the patient’s injury, symptoms, medical history and goals. The practitioner will palpate along the muscles and connective tissues searching for adhesions or thickened bands using both their hands and the instruments.

Once the problematic areas have been identified, the appropriate Graston Therapy instrument will be used to break up the scar tissue and restrictions. The stainless steel bars and edges glide over the skin in strokes using targeted pressure. Patients often feel some discomfort as the adhesions are broken down and inflammation is increased temporarily.

After the treatment, the practitioner may also provide stretching, strengthening exercises and advice to help hasten the healing process. Typically 6-12 treatments are needed initially for chronic based injuries. Let’s read about the liquid vitamins and supplements.

Experience Graston Therapy in Calgary at NW Chiropractic and Massage

NW Chiropractic and Massage proudly offers Graston Therapy Technique to provide lasting relief from chronic soft tissue pain and dysfunction. Our Graston providers combine this breakthrough therapy with other proven treatments such as chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue release, acupuncture, and proper at-home care.

We develop customized treatment plans to target each patient’s unique condition and needs. Our goal is to eliminate pain and restore normal function and mobility as quickly as possible. We want our patients to be able to confidently return to their active, fulfilling lives.

To see how Graston Therapy can help you recover from a chronic injury, contact NW Chiropractic and Massage in Calgary today at (403) 282-4004 to schedule an initial consultation. We are conveniently located at 3604 52 Ave NW, Suite #138. Visit our website at to learn more about Graston Therapy and how it is improving lives every day.

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