Looking to Improve Your Golf Game?

We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to improving your swing. 

Hip mobility and stability are the most important aspects to becoming a better golfer.  Range of motion in the hips is crucial to generating significant speed in your swing.  The second benefit to increased mobility in the hip is an improvement in swing posture, reducing strain through your knees and low back.

Improve your golf game

Two Ways To Improve Your Swing: Hip Mobility and Stability

Hip Mobility

Most golfers sit in their car to and from work in addition to an office job sitting at a desk all day.  Over time this can greatly decrease the mobility in your hips and upper back.  When it comes to golf, mobility in these two areas are extremely important for proper positioning and power production in the golf swing.

Today we are focusing predominantly on the hip.  – Look Here for some DESK STRETCHES to do at the office.

Hip mobility is important for 2 reasons:

Increased mobility can produce increased power.

Increased mobility will reduce strain on the joints above and below the hip.

Try these stretches to help increase your hip mobility.  – Want more?  Book Now to learn my favorite hip opening stretches.

3 Hip Mobility Stretches

Hip flexor stretch
Adductor Stretch
Figure 4 stretch
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How We Can Help

All new patients go through a thorough first examination.  This includes a detailed history, physical exam and discussion on how we can help.

Our examination when it comes to golfers includes a detailed look at the hip, knee and back range of motion.  These are the most common areas of immobility which can inhibit your golf game.

A combination of therapies is generally most effective and may include: Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Active Release and or Graston Therapy. 

Hip Stability

Once your hips are moving to the best of their ability we can start to focus on stability.  Mobility without the ability to control that motion is a recipe for acute and chronic injuries.

The fastest way to improve your golf game quickly is with strong Hips.  The Glutes are the power house of your swing and help protect your low back from injury.  Titleist Performance Institute refers to your Gluteus Maximus as “The King” of your swing.  

Hip stability is important for 2 reasons:

Increased stability and activation can produce increased power through your swing.

Increased stability will reduce strain on the muscles above and below the hip.

Try these two hip exercises to start gaining stability in your swing.

2 Hip Exercises

Bulgarian split squat Example
glute bridge
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How We Can Help

During the physical exam we do muscle testing for inhibition which may can decrease power through your swing and creating muscle imbalance leading to injury.

Once these muscle inhibitions are discovered, a proper exercise regime will help stabilize the area, reducing strain through your hips and lower back.

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